Artist Doesn’t Just Drink Coffee, She Also Paints With It!

May 28, 20150

While for the most of us coffee is a necessary fuel, for Maria A. Aristidou it is a source of…

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Surprising Ways ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Inspired By Actual History

May 28, 20150

The worldwide popularity of A Song of Fire and Ice books, and Game of Thrones series demonstrates that the public…

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Comic Book Characters In Real Life

May 27, 20150

No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you. Because it seems that comic book characters have just come…

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If Superheros Had Their Own Brand Of Beers

May 12, 20150

Superheroes are not like you and me. They wear different outfits, their appearance is different, and they surely party in…

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13 Incredible Wire Sculptures That Will Leave You In Awe

March 19, 20150

If you have a good imagination and a pair of wire cutters, you can rule the world. Wire is actually…

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Starbucks Coffee Sleeves Turned Into Wonderful Geeky Art

February 22, 20150

Attention coffee lovers. It turns out that your hourly daily coffee habit isn’t all-bad. Sure, you may be a little…

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12 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

February 13, 20150

The literary geeks among you will know that playwright William Shakespeare once wrote; if music be the food of love,…

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The Hidden Truth in Famous Album Covers

December 3, 20140

Album covers have long been considered an art form in their own right. They communicate, enhance and create the first…

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22 Amazingly detailed doodles that must of taken days!

December 2, 20140

Once upon a time, you probably doodled in the back of your math’s’ book. Perhaps you still partake in some…

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28 Marvel vs DC Obvious Superhero Rip Offs

November 22, 20140

As a comic book fan, you may have noticed something very peculiar about certain characters, between publishers Marvel and DC.…

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