22 Amazingly detailed doodles that must of taken days!

Once upon a time, you probably doodled in the back of your math’s’ book. Perhaps you still partake in some post-it note art. No matter how much of a masterpiece your latest interpretation of “The Moaning Coworker” is, it is unlikely to be a patch on the amazingly detailed doodles of illustrator Kerby Rosanes.

Rosanes has a mighty impressive portfolio of intricate pen work. His doodles let the natural world meet the inner workings of man’s imagination; he even explores some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work in superbly doodled detail. There’s the Time Guardian, which on the surface, looks like an impressive owl sketch. Look deeper though and you see the cogs, gears and mechanical components it’s made of.

That’s not all though. You’ve also got an angry panda and the lion with a mane made from a miscellany of items like pencils, arrows, wine bottles and various creatures. There is even a fresh take on what is behind the Mona Lisa’s smile, with Rosanes’ sketch suggesting what may have been on her mind; examples include a fairy tale castle, a hot air balloon and a flying whale complete with its own propeller.

Check out 22 of his amazingly detailed doodles for yourself to fully appreciate the days of effort required for each one.



Warrior Woman


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