Starbucks Coffee Sleeves Turned Into Wonderful Geeky Art

Attention coffee lovers. It turns out that your hourly daily coffee habit isn’t all-bad. Sure, you may be a little jittery and suffering from minor heart palpitations, but you’re also contributing to the greater good.

The £2.85 latte that you simply can’t live without is not just going into Starbucks’ never-ending corporate pockets; it’s becoming part of the arts scene, thanks to an army of artists using the clean white takeaway cups as their canvas.

Putting a slightly different twist on this awesome Starbucks art movement is anonymous Instagram artist, @Sleevebucks, who has taken to transforming the cardboard sleeves instead. @Sleevebucks gives the iconic green mermaid some seriously creative makeovers, leaving fans with the cast of Harry Potter, Hollywood heroes like Zorro, bombshells like Monroe and even Mario, of MarioKart fame.

These simple Starbucks sleeves seem to be the ideal source of inspiration, for everything, from extraterrestrials to Spock. So check out some of coolest illustrations below.

Ash Ketchum

ash coffee


batman coffee

Harry Potter

harry potter coffee


hagrid coffee

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