12 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

The literary geeks among you will know that playwright William Shakespeare once wrote; if music be the food of love, play on.

Now, that’s all well and good for men who write sonnets and wear tights, but what’s the food of love for the geeky at heart?

You might have your own ideas, but just in case you are trying to find the right way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day, we’ve found the perfect cards to help you share the love this February 14th.

These 12 geeky Valentine’s cards are a far cry from the clichéd, nauseating, glitter laden monstrosities that are normally on the shelves. They get straight to the point, and they do so in a way that makes sense. There’s no romantic ramblings wrapped up in complicated metaphors. These cards say ‘Be Mine’, ‘I Want You’ and ‘I Love You’ in the simplest way we know how.

Whether you want to find the Lorem to your Ipsum or you want to make your Player 2 feel special, you’ll love these designs. So gamers, designers, programmers and pun-lovers; feast your eyes on the sweetest, geekiest Valentine’s cards you’ll ever see.

Centre Of My Univers and Lorem To My Ipsum

centre of my univers and lorem to my ipsum

Full Of Charm

full of charm

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