The Hidden Truth in Famous Album Covers

Album covers have long been considered an art form in their own right. They communicate, enhance and create the first impression of the music to follow. In short, they are a BIG deal.

Artistic sketches, edgy graphics and iconic shots (The Beatles on Abbey Road, anyone?) have graced the front covers of the world’s greatest musical masterpieces. But what if there is more than meets the eye?

We assume that the perfect shot is the one we see plastered on the album and all its promotional material, but have you ever stopped to question whether or not there are deeper or darker meanings? Be honest. How many pictures have you posted on Instagram, crop and filter free? I’m guessing not many, and the same goes for album covers.

Maybe Nirvana never wanted us to see what was really going on with their Nevermind album cover. Or perhaps Bruce Springsteen’s butt is the only rock-n-roll bit of the bigger picture. What if the Beatles never even went to Abbey Road?

Yes, the world’s most iconic album covers might just hold secrets big enough to shake the very foundations of society and rock the musical world. But if you think you can handle it, here are some more hidden truths in famous album covers.

The Beatles “Abbey Road” (1969)”

The Beatles “Abbey Road” (1969)

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