If Superheros Had Their Own Brand Of Beers

Superheroes are not like you and me. They wear different outfits, their appearance is different, and they surely party in a different way. Graphic designer Marcelo Rizzetto came to an extraordinary idea to create Superhero Beers, suitable for some of the most distinguished heroes from the pop culture.

Apparently, these special beers are made in the Justice League Brewery, and feature products such as Super Strong Beer for Superman, The Flash Beer, The Dark Beer and The Wonder Beer. These cool containers are filled with different beer and ale flavours, depending on the superhero’s taste. Take a look at these uniquely designed bottles and check whether you and your favourite superhero have the similar taste.

Batman: The Dark Beer (Dark Ale Beer)

Batman beer

Superman: Super Strong Beer (Strong Pale Lager)

superman beer

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