Surprising Ways ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Inspired By Actual History

The worldwide popularity of A Song of Fire and Ice books, and Game of Thrones series demonstrates that the public is interested in violence, sex and intrigue. Yet, this popularity also proves that the public shows the great interest in history, as many events and details from the series are very similar to some historical facts. George Martin himself said that he was inspired by historical facts. Here are just some of those; as for the rest, you might want to consult your history book.

1. OK, this one is not really a historical fact, but more a fact from geography.

Westeros England On Top Of Upside-Down Ireland

That continent where everything happens, that everybody want to rule – Westeros – is actually very similar to England standing on top of upside down Ireland. You might believe that it is an accident, but why would Martin invent a continent when he can just adapt the outlook of an existent piece of one.

2. Hadrian’s Wall was built by Romans in Britain

The Wall Hadrian's Wall

Its purpose was to keep the Scottish barbarian at the other side. This 73-mile long wall is very similar concept to the one of the Wall from A Song of Fire and Ice. And even Martin admitted that he was inspired by the visit to Hadrian’s Wall.

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