10 Arcade Video Games That Shaped Modern Gaming

Today’s technology enables us to play games with excellent graphics, hundreds of levels and unlimited possibilities. Arcade games during the 1970s were had solid graphics and sound, but despite that they were limited by technology of the time quite basic. Yet, we continue to love these games, although we can choose from a variety of high-tech, very advanced gamers options of the 21st century. Here are some of the most beloved and influential arcade games.

10. Asteroids

Released by Atari in late 1970s, Asteroids is one of the most played games of the time. The main character was a triangular space ship, and it had a task to avoid and destroy asteroids that surround him.

9. Phoenix


Another game situated in space, Pheonix is known for its lively colours. It features a boss battle in the end, as the mothership needs to be destroyed in order to successfully complete the task.

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