Bizarre Video Game Controversies

Gaming is a serious industry nowadays. However, lots of people tend to consider video games a bad influence and a major waste of time. Here are some events that caused the negative image of gaming.

10. Mass Effect’s Sex Scandal

Mass Effect’s Sex Scandal

This is one of the most unfounded controversies in history of gaming. Mass Effect is a game in which you can have sex with one of the characters. Those sex scenes are not graphic, but only mildly suggestive. However, Fox News proclaimed it dangerous as it lets gamers “engage in full graphic sex”.

9. Death Race’s Violence

Death Race’s Violence

In 1976, an arcade game called Death Race was a source of controversy. Your goal in this game is to run over some “gremlins” – the more gremlins you kill, the higher score you get. Quite benevolent for today’s standards, yet in 1976 Death Race caused a scandal in media because of its excessive violence.

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