How To Land Your Dream Job In The Gaming Industry

If you’re a gamer, you will understand the passion, the thrill and the pride you feel with the completion of each level or the acquisition of each new skill. Now imagine feeling that same passion, thrill and pride every single day; imagine feeling it every day at work. Wouldn’t that be cool?

You’re probably thinking “if only”, like the gaming world and the working world are at least a million miles apart, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious professional, you game because you enjoy it; it’s fun. And just because something is fun, doesn’t mean it can’t be useful – fundamental even – to your personal development and career progression.

Read on to see ways your gaming habit can teach you valuable skills and help you work your way up the career ladder. You may just be surprised.

Decision Making

fps decision makingEvery second of gaming calls for excellent judgement and slit second decision-making. Every move you make in a game has a chain reaction and you have to plan 20 steps ahead to ensure each decision is the right one to get you your desired result. Realising the impact of your decisions and learning to make them under pressure, in quick succession is something that can help you in all walks of life. It helps you see situations objectively, think rationally and deal with stressful situations sensibly. Being able to make the right decision whilst under pressure is something everyone needs a little practice in, and it is better to learn in the gaming world than in the cut-throat business world.


timing in gamingTiming is everything. This is something we stumble through life figuring out, though we don’t always master the art of perfect timing ourselves. Gaming can help with this, especially those with guillotine style obstacles. These are the obstacles that open and close in a certain pattern. They require you to observe, decipher and decide the best time to move so as not to be impaled, axed or hit with evil power-draining orbs. Timing is also a skill put to good use in games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, where you need to know exactly when to shoot, when to run, when to risk revealing your position or exposing your weakness; yes, in the game of war, timing is everything. Once you master the powers of observation and perfect timing in the gaming world, you will be able to translate the practice to real life and improve your sense of timing in every situation, from delivering speeches to making shrewd business moves.


Level UPThe UK gaming industry is worth in excess of £500 million, and it is growing every year. This growth means lots of prospects in the gaming world; there are tech based jobs, script writing roles, music composition opportunities and art or production roles. You could even chase a career in games testing if you fancied. Playing and loving games is a surefire way to not only develop transferrable skills, but also to give you the ultimate background knowledge and experience you need to get your dream job in gaming.

Of course, these are just a handful of the skills you can acquire and develop, courtesy of gaming. On top of these, you also have the opportunity to work on skills like organisation, when you need to organise your troops, conduct proper town and empire planning or sort your Tetris blocks. You even get to hone your survival instincts by handling hordes of the undead in games like Resident Evil and The Last of Us, or fighting for your life in war scenarios a la Call Of Duty.

Ultimately, what gaming actually teaches you will depend very much on the type of games you play, how serious you are when playing them and what skills you consider to be useful to your chosen vocation. Either way, knowing you can learn valuable life skills by slaying zombies, building empires and immersing yourself in a world of war and strategy can’t be a bad thing. So sit down, load up and game on.

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