10 Famous Breakthroughs Credited To The Wrong Person

Don’t you just hate it when you finish a task or make something, and somebody else takes all credits? Well, just imagine how bad it would be if you were the one who discovered the evolution, or made a design for the first shopping mall, yet in the books somebody else’s name stood by your discovery.
Read our list of famous breakthroughs that were credited to the wrong person, and try to be fair to the real inventors next time you mention them in a casual conversation.

10. Heliocentrism


Copernicus was the one who first made the claim that Earth is not the centre of the Universe, but that the Sun was in the centre. Right? Wrong! Apparently, more than 1500 years before Copernicus, the Greek philosopher Aristarchus of Samos proposed the same idea. The idea that was controversial in Copernicus’ time was completely unacceptable in the time of Aristarchus, especially since it opposed the words of great Aristotle. Although Archimedes discussed this idea in one of his works, heliocentric system needed to wait 1500 years more in order to become accepted (and later greatly revised).

9. Evolution


Evolution is a fact, whether you like it or not. We need to thank Charles Darwin and his book On the Origin of Species for this discovery. Yet, Darwin is not the only one who should be credited. An explorer and geographer, Alfred Russel Wallace was a contemporary and a co-worker of Darwin’s, but from all we know he proposed the theory of evolution that is very similar to Darwin’s completely independently. At the time, Wallace’s contribution was considered relevant, yet he is rarely mentioned nowadays.

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