10 Amazing Things Science is Doing With the Power of Sound

Science makes huge advances on a daily basis. Yet, somehow, we know more about the Theory of strings, than about the simple thing as sound. Believe it or not, acoustics is not all about sounds that we hear or don’t hear, but it can provide some tremendous solutions for the problems in completely unrelated areas of life. Here are some of the examples.

10. Refrigeration


Who needs quality refrigerators more than Ben and Jerry’s? Well, that is exactly why this company sponsored the researches from Penn State University to make a refrigerator that uses sound to keep your food cool. This thermoacoustic freezer uses the ability of sound waves to compress and expand the air around them, and combine it with the cooling abilities of pressurized gas. These refrigerators are good for the environment, and they are undoubtedly very cool.

9. Ustrasonic welding

Ultrasonic Welding

This is not a new finding, as ultrasonic waves weld plastics since 1960s. Ultrasonic waves cause friction and consequently heat, which leads to the melting of two pieces of plastic in a very efficient way.

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