What you need to know about the Apple Watch and iPhone 6!

As avid Apple fans waited anxiously for the new iPhone 6 and iWatch to be announced, the rest of the world sat patiently, wondering if these two gadgets could live up to enthusiast expectations. With millions watching the launch ‘as it happened’, is there too much hype surrounding these two devices or do they really deserve a throne? Macworld did a hands-on review of the iPhone 6, comparing it to its downgraded counterparts (the iPhone 5s). Let’s see what they had to say.

The iPhone 6

iPhone-6-hands-on-displayvia Macword

To begin with, if you were hoping to maintain your 32GB capacity, you’ll be more than disappointed as this model offers 16GB or 64GB and 128GB. However, it must be noted that the asking price for a 16GB iPhone 6 is actually £10 (RRP £539) cheaper than the original cost of the iPhone 5S.

Now we’ve settled the cost and storage, let’s move onto the fun stuff. As you may have heard through rumours and leaks online, this model boasts an incredible 4.7in screen in comparison to the 5S’s 4in display. Also, if you were worried about the quality of the phone, listen to this. According to Macworld, Dan Moren, who wrote ‘Hands-on: New iPhones pack big features in thin package’, said: “As with every iPhone, the build quality is excellent.”


“The buttons and switches were firm and responsive, with a satisfying click from the ring/silent switch.” “With its curved aluminium edges and all-metal back, it actually brings to mind the original iPhone. Even the glass screen has a slight curve at the edges which feels pleasant against your hand in a way that the sharp edges of the iPhone 4 and 5 (iPhone 5c excluded) series never quite did.”

The iPhone 6 also has an innovative collection of new features including a button for the sleep/wake feature on the phone. Macworld claims that “apple is still keen on its one-handed use motto for the iPhone, despite the bigger screen sizes, and it’s doing everything it can to make you believe it.”

In addition to this, Apple have included a brand new feature named Reachability. How does it work? Well, simply double-tap on your iPhone’s home screen and it allows you to interact with whatever is on the screen at the touch of a button. More commented on the feature saying: “This fix is weird and somewhat un-Apple”

“I found myself wondering if a better solution might emerge farther down the road, but I suspect that this feature will appeal to some folks who frequently use the multitasking gestures that have been built into the iPad for a long time. It’s the iPhone’s equivalent of a keyboard shortcut; something for those power users who just don’t want to be slowed down.” These are just a few improvements Apple have made. To read more of the review, click here.

The iPhone 6 will be available to buy in the UK on the 19th of September!

The Apple Watch (Not “iWatch”)

as many expected it to be called

Apple Watch Design

Apple have also released a sneak preview of another hi-tech gadget that could see a generation of trendy watch wearers; you guessed it. It’s the Apple Watch! The watch will, apparently, be available in two sizes. These are thought to be 38mm and 42mm. In addition to this, there will also be three collections to choose from including a Sport model and top of the range 18-karat gold edition; WOW!

Types of Apple Watch

You can even quickly reply to texts through the Apple Watch interface, however replying to texts on this small screen could lead to some terrible autocorrect fails?

text on apple watch

However, it must be noted that the watch only works with an iPhone 5 or later model.

Shut up and take my money apple!The Apple Watch will be available to buy in the UK early 2015

Here is a 10 minute video explaining all of the Apple Watches features:

So, now we’ve had a sneaky preview of what’s in store for Apple lovers everywhere, how will it affect the company’s current selling point and business model? Well we think a larger screen could mean the release of new, more valuable apps which of course will positively affect the growth of the company.

Well now we’ve shown you a bit about the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch and talked briefly about how these two models could affect their current market. Do you have anything that you would like to add? Are you more of an Android fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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