Is A Robot Going To Make Your Job Obsolete?

Are you afraid of losing your job to a robot? Well, your fears might just be legitimate. Mechanical and technological revolutions have always affected people’s jobs, but today it seems that robots are taking over our jobs more than ever. Stay prepared – check whether your profession is on the list of jobs that will soon become obsolete, and if so, start searching for a new one immediately. Perhaps you could become a robot inventor?

10. The Self-Driving Car

10. The Self-Driving Car

The idea of self-driving cars is not new, yet in the last few years these cars were built and proved to be efficient. They don’t get tired, or bored, or distracted – they are much better than us. Which transportation company wouldn’t want such an employee? So, if you are in transportation business, you just might want to check those ads…

9. Baxter – The Multi-purpose Robot

9. Baxter –The Multi-purpose Robot

Baxter – the multi-purpose robot is one mean thing – it is aiming at numerous low-skilled jobs. It can watch you while you’re performing your tasks, and learn how to do them – probably better than you. Robots of this type can be cashiers, bartenders, people who pack boxes…

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