10 Ways Technology Has Rewired our Brains

8. Listening To Radio Messes With Our Critical Thinking

Old Televisions Made People Dream In Black And White

Tell me the colour of your dreams, and I will be able to tell how old you are. Apparently, television affects us in more than one way, so during the period of black and white television people started dreaming in black and white as well. Moreover, those people who spent their youth watching black and white TV program still have B&W dreams 25% of the time.

7. Constant Mobile Phone Usage Makes Us Depressed

Constant Mobile Phone Usage Makes Us Depressed

Is your mobile phone making you stressed? Whether you are willing to admit it, the fact that your phone makes you available at all times can cause the feeling of depression and trouble sleeping, and the risk grows with the increase in frequency of using the phone. And it makes sense, when you think about it. Your daily schedule can easily be disturbed, and the same stands for your rest. In order to avoid these consequences, it is probably good idea to turn off the phone for a couple of hours every day.

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